Barns doors. is the internet home of Dennis Gibson’s blacksmith shop. Custom iron and woodwork has been done here for over 80 years.  In that time thousands of one off jobs have gone out the door.  Horse drawn equipment, neck yokes, eveners, whipple trees, and an assortment of harness parts are some of the work produced in the shop.  Handmade sleds of hardwood and steel developed as sap sleds for the maple sugar industry are one of the unique items manufactured here.  Sleds can be made horse drawn or for use behind tractors and bulldozers. 
            Master blacksmith Dennis Gibson served his apprenticeship under A.R. “Zeke” Caron in the same shop, taking over from Zeke in the early 1980’s.  Zeke ran the shop from 1949 until his retirement.  From the mid 1920’s until Zeke’s time the shop was run by Clovis Leroux.  The tradition of the general blacksmith shop, oriented to the needs of the surrounding local farm community, is strong here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.
            As the needs of the traditional horsedrawn world have diminished, the shop has taken on jobs of a more general nature.  Architectural ironwork, such as railings, hinges, door hardware, and fireplace tools are some of the items manufactured in recent times.  If you can imagine an object, make a small drawing of it, and it can become a reality here.  Some of the services provided are millwright work, and setting up and repairing machinery.  The casting of babbited bearings can be done here or off site.  Parts for anything from an antique woodplaner to a modern hay bailer can be forged from scratch or repaired.  The restoration of any antique metal or wooden object can be carefully done in the shop.  Metal repair by forgewelding, stickwelding, migwelding, or brazing are available.
            The woodworking side of the shop has a 24-inch wide planer and a bandsaw with a 30-inch throat. We are able to produce colonial style wide planking and sawn curved wood objects, from sled runners to curved braces in timber frames.  We have an extensive collection of sled runner patterns, some over 100 years old.

            As the demands for custom blacksmith work have changed over time, the shop has met the needs of many diversified customers.  Contact if we can be of service to you by calling 802-525-3034.

Dennis Gibson.

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